PVC Inflatables’ Safety for Kids’ Leisure Games

PVC, as one of the plastic has been widely applied into the daily life. PVC also is one main material for the kids’ leisure products-inflatable games and inflatable water games.

It is easy to find kids play inside the inflatable PVC pools, inflatable obstacle course, water slide and the other bouncy inflatable PVC games.

Well, is the inflatable PVC game safe for the little player for the health? Properties of PVC ensure this inflatable PVC games are safe and fun for all ages.


1. PVC inflatable games are soft to the players’ skin. It is durable to the heavy bumping or its strong resistance. It is free for kids to bounce and jump on the bouncy bouncer and inflatable castle.

2. Fire retardant and water proof properties make it one safe game for water games and the dry inflatable. Of course, 100% safety must be ensured by the adult supervision.

3. Scientific studies have indicated this soft PVC products are safe for the health of the users. It will prose no risk to get some health problem.

4. PVC inflatable games meet the strict international health and safety standards.

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