Why Choose Airblown Inflatables for 2011 Halloween

Why choose airblown inflatables for your 2011 Halloween?

1. Instant attractive display to save you troubles of long time preparation in Halloween decoration.

Each inflatable will come with its own air blower. After receive your inflatable decoration from the rental company, just to spread them out, plug the air blower and connect the air way of the Halloween airblown inflatable. Just take 2 minutes for each inflation and 5 minutes for anchoring. All finished and your display is ready for the outlandish spooky Halloween.

2. Popularity for its diversity.

Not hard to find one suit your decoration theme this year, with diverse Halloween inflatables. Halloween rental shops, online Halloween rental shops, all can ensure you find out those you want for your Haunted house theme, Vampire castle theme, or graveyard theme decoration. Just inspire your decoration with those spooky Halloween inflatables and fun ridiculous ones.

3. Portability and affordability to gain you cost-effective charming Halloween.

Just totally spend several hundred for your fun giant airblown Halloween decorations. It can be cheaper when you prefer the mini inflatable decorations. Well, if you really enjoy one featuring design, just buy one for years of use which can even save more.



Recreational Inflatables for Adult Carnivals

One good alternative to the indoors should be the outdoors. Outdoor events bring more enthusiasm to the adventurous explorers who like to exposure themselves to sunshine, wind, or water, such as lot themselves in the corn field maze.

Apart from nature fun, festival, carnivals also means time for thrilling outdoor activities

Carnival means great fun time for both kids and adults. As one great pop party rentals, inflatable games now have been recognized as one cost-effective way to create one fun paradise for all guests.

One good recreational inflatables for adult carnivals can be inflatable jousting arena.

Inflatable joust, includes tow foam padded joust poles, 2 pedestals, head protectors, electricity air blower, and the inflatable arena which is spacious enough for tow gladiators battle on it.

Guests, two participants can enjoy a fun battle on it. Fun battle starts and try your best to battle it out to see whether you can be the ultimate gladiator to win at last. Games holder can hand out one gift for the winner.

Protective helmet, inflatable jousting sticks, bouncer stage, all can help you start the jousting tournament easily and safely. All needed in preparation is check one in size right to your carnival. Blow it with the electricity air blowers come along, anchoring, and give guidance to the participants and get gifts ready.

Add one inflatable jousting arena as one party entertainer for all ages.


Top 4 Halloween Scary Spirits for Halloween Inflatables

1. Headless Horseman

Dullahan is his name who comes from Ireland. Headless horseman costume is came up with but with your head up. Halloween inflatable decoration is great inflatable to get the headless horseman come to the reality.

2. Werewolves

It is not easy to spot out one man with wolf tail or claws in the Halloween parade. The story of werewolf has implied power to people. There are many cool design of werewolves in Halloween costume and the inflatable decoration. People can dress up as the werewolf for the Halloween party.

3. Vampire

Another hit character for Halloween is Vampire. Story of Mayo Vampire tells that they will come out at night for the blood. Get your Vampire teeth, the vampire fangs to turn you into one Halloween vampire on this day.

  1. 1.      Jack O’ Lantern-blown up pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the featuring items on Halloween. Inflatable pumpkins, pumpkin inflatable jumper, inflatable pumpkin carriage, all are intend to get kids one giant pumpkin full of the bouncy fun.

  1. 2.       Leprechaun and goblin

On this holiday for both the live and the spirits, goblin and leprechaun would come out to have a blast time on this world. Just feel free to make up as the goblin on this day if you are heading for the Halloween party.

Parenting, Early Childhood Exercise & Inflatable Baby Sports

Baby exercise, additional healthy concept added to the baby care becomes another new topic for parents.

Importance of baby exercise.

One necessity to strengthen baby’s body parts. Baby is fragile in their body parts now. Apart from the enough sleep, the nutritious diets, daily exercise is a must to build their body and keep them smart in their mind.
Grasp more skills to run, throw, jump, or pop. Exercise, especially games, is the most beneficial approach for this purpose.
If baby has the trouble to fall in sleep, try some fun exercise. Tiring playing can prompt up one good sleep.
Perfect Baby Sports Games

Inflatable baby bouncer.

Mini baby bouncer is available for indoor use or outdoor playing when you need some outdoor fun play for your kids. The enclosed baby bouncer with mesh walls around can prevent kids from climbing out. If your baby is a bit older, you can get the open front bouncer.

The similar baby jumping castle can also be one the baby playland.

While for kids above 3, you can try the more exciting kiddy obstacle course or kiddy slide.

Inflatable Water Bouncy Fun: Inflatable Water Trampoline

Water sports fun popular among youths and adults bring lots of water sports rental companies flourished, beach sports rental , home yard sports rental, and the pool games rental can easily help you pick up one extreme fun water sports to wave your heat annoyance away.

Among quiet large range of water sports fun, water trampoline is one featuring kind of floating inflatable game to provide the water bouncy sport fun for the player.

1. Features of inflatable water trampoline:

Water trampoline is different from the land bounce platform, with its steel frame and the strong trampoline springs to ensure the safety and the strong bouncy to bear your heavy loads on the stable water platform.

2. Safety caution for this bouncy water sports:

*Want a safe bouncing over the sea? You must put one your life vest first if you are not good at swimming.

*The beach guard and the water guide must be aside to keep the close supervision for it.

3. Featuring inflatable water trampoline on sale.

* Water Spider water trampoline. One 16.5ft Diameter floating inflatable spider, with long legs leading road for the players.

* Sea Turtle water trampoline. Cartoon animal is always one perfect choice for the little players. You can make it one great experience to ride and bounce on one giant inflatable sea turtle.

* Enclosed water trampoline-Giant Fish water house. This kind of enclosed inflatable fish house is floating on the water. It can be safer for those who are not good at swimming.

PVC Inflatables’ Safety for Kids’ Leisure Games

PVC, as one of the plastic has been widely applied into the daily life. PVC also is one main material for the kids’ leisure products-inflatable games and inflatable water games.

It is easy to find kids play inside the inflatable PVC pools, inflatable obstacle course, water slide and the other bouncy inflatable PVC games.

Well, is the inflatable PVC game safe for the little player for the health? Properties of PVC ensure this inflatable PVC games are safe and fun for all ages.


1. PVC inflatable games are soft to the players’ skin. It is durable to the heavy bumping or its strong resistance. It is free for kids to bounce and jump on the bouncy bouncer and inflatable castle.

2. Fire retardant and water proof properties make it one safe game for water games and the dry inflatable. Of course, 100% safety must be ensured by the adult supervision.

3. Scientific studies have indicated this soft PVC products are safe for the health of the users. It will prose no risk to get some health problem.

4. PVC inflatable games meet the strict international health and safety standards.

Bouncy and Screaming Halloween with Inflatable Haunted House

Want some Halloween Ideas for kids’ screaming Halloween?

For Halloween night, the scary fun must be necessary to keep kids entertained and safe at the same time. Friendly pranks are must while the thrilling games can add more holiday fun to the kids.


Inflatable haunted house on sale can bring more screaming fun to the kids.

 1. Haunted art gallery

Inflatable Gallery with digital printing and inflatable booing ghosts at the entrance to show some special supernatural story to get kids scream at their loud. And keep LED lights glowing at night, this will become one magical gallery attract kids to visit.


2. Haunted House Bouncy Castle

Haunted house bouncy castle, bouncy bouncer for little kids playing. Quality haunted house bouncy castle on sale can be found from inflatable games inc, or rent from the inflatable rental company. Haunted castle with ghost panting and the inflatable ghost cartoon must be one portable and attractive Halloween bouncy castle right for this day.


3. Haunted Tube Man

Haunted tube man or inflatable airblown ghosts will be the fun inflatable cartoon to make your own house one Haunted House to greet everyone to come. Just blow up the Ghost air man at some corner or at entrance of your house.