Closed Inflatable Bouncer and Front Open Jumper

Want to get a best buy for children’ home-use inflatable jumping house, you will easily find two types of jumpers will be presented to you, enclosed bouncer and the front open jumper.

Typically first critical element for inflatable is the material for the surface bouncer. Strong PVC or vinyl is preferred as they are strong, water proof, fire retardant and durable to the heavy bumping.

You should know that cheaper inflatable bouncer is usually made with polyester which also does not inflated by electricity air blower but the air pump. Keep it in mind that it can not last as long as the PVC or vinyl does.

Ensured the quality of the material, you may consider the construction of these two types of bouncers, enclosed bouncer and the open front jumper.
Enclosed bouncer featuring in netted walls or windows around, it is perfect design to prevent kids from jumping out. But be sure adult supervision is besides and keep the same size kids play together rather than allow strong ones bounce with the little ones.

Open Front jumper, with the front open, which must be ensured by one wide safety mat before for reduce the danger of falling outside. It provides an open view for you. Keep an eye on the players.

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