Economic Advertising Great for Small ad Budgets

Small firms or companies could not afford the large ad budget. Thus, TV ad, radio, newspaper or outdoor billboard may be far from their ad budget. And some of them may just get you poor response such as the newspaper or radio as too many similar ads may overflow in viewers’ mind. What can be effective ads and worth the expense which can also be within the budget for the most firms?


Giant inflatable balloons can be one really effective mean for outdoor promotion for the little firms at festival or on holiday.

Critical elements to one successful promotional ad should be OUSTANDING from the general ads.

1. Giant size to make it outstand in the crowds at fair, busy malls, and spacious shopping square.

2. Outlandish shapes in your own product shapes distinct it from the other ads. Crowds will look in awe at one giant blue jean blown up at the front of your jean shop. And easily got that it is a shop with jeans on sale. Those want to buy one jean must come in and take a look to search something they like.

3. Cost for one giant product shaped balloon inflatable and the long term use of it make it outstand from the costly ads popular around which may annoy us for the repeated broadcasting. Think about just about 2,000$ for at least 2 years outdoor promotion. Quite cost-effective one to choose.

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