Inflatable Water Bouncy Fun: Inflatable Water Trampoline

Water sports fun popular among youths and adults bring lots of water sports rental companies flourished, beach sports rental , home yard sports rental, and the pool games rental can easily help you pick up one extreme fun water sports to wave your heat annoyance away.

Among quiet large range of water sports fun, water trampoline is one featuring kind of floating inflatable game to provide the water bouncy sport fun for the player.

1. Features of inflatable water trampoline:

Water trampoline is different from the land bounce platform, with its steel frame and the strong trampoline springs to ensure the safety and the strong bouncy to bear your heavy loads on the stable water platform.

2. Safety caution for this bouncy water sports:

*Want a safe bouncing over the sea? You must put one your life vest first if you are not good at swimming.

*The beach guard and the water guide must be aside to keep the close supervision for it.

3. Featuring inflatable water trampoline on sale.

* Water Spider water trampoline. One 16.5ft Diameter floating inflatable spider, with long legs leading road for the players.

* Sea Turtle water trampoline. Cartoon animal is always one perfect choice for the little players. You can make it one great experience to ride and bounce on one giant inflatable sea turtle.

* Enclosed water trampoline-Giant Fish water house. This kind of enclosed inflatable fish house is floating on the water. It can be safer for those who are not good at swimming.

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