Why Inflatable Water Trampoline Deserves Your Buying

You must hear of the trampoline which is popular among kids’ garden entertainment. How about inflatable water trampoline? Water trampoline is great different from the general metal trampoline for garden playing.

One water trampoline will come with spring bounce base supported by one steel frame under its jumping area. And the bouncing area is connected to one flotation tube. Water trampoline, allows a free jumping with your hands and feet stretch out as you like, unlike general garden trampoline which surrounded by the safety net walls.

Beside this water trampoline, another water jumping game inflatable water bouncer which is mainly manufactured with inflatable PVC tarpaulin can bear less weight of the jumper onside.

Well, if you are going to buy one water trampoline which can be for whole family use, try the water trampoline. If you just want to get one for your several kids playing at home pool, you should try the inflatable water bouncer. As you should known that the inflatable water bouncer is easier to blow up. And it will need professional set up for the water trampoline. The difficulty of setup and ability to bear more weight make it one best water bouncy game for the water park. While inflatable water bouncer is good for private entertainment.

Cool Pool Toys-Inflatable Water Games Review

Add some pool toys to your home pool. Inflatable water games, inflatable water pool toys can easily get your pool one fun water park for your whole family in the hot summer.

Inflatable Climbing Iceberg

One giant inflatable iceberg fully inflated and floats on the water, this giant inflatable water toy can get the chance to enjoy a challenging climbing and cool splash for the players.

Unlike the difficult rock climbing, you never need ropes, crampons and harnesses for your fun climbing onto this giant blown up inflatable iceberg. When fully inflated with air, it will float above the water. Though it may not provide a real climbing fun to the rocky thingy, it can be one amazing toy for those who want to upgrade their pool toy fun. Inflatable iceberg varies in different size to support the weights. Check the maximum weight it can weight. Control the number climbing on it at a time.

Another ideal pool game for home pool can be the water teeter totter.

Teeter totter, is similar to the rocking chair floating above the water. It is one pleasant game allows for the kids and adult tweeting above the water. It is great to enjoy the soft rocking on water after the busy work.

More funny pool toys are available from the online inflatable shops.

Ideal Beach Accessory-Inflatable Water Games

Life size water games are in great need for the annual summer holiday.

No wonder both kids and adult prefer the life size beach toys which can create an amazing beach fun.

Inflatable water games, incredibly are flexible can function as promotion, entertainment tools indeed.

Main function as entertainment games for water games are enriched by their great diversity. Inflatable banana boat, beach pool, inflatable teeter totter, inflatable water skier, inflatable water trampoline, and more fun water games are preferred by different people. Advantages of inflatable water games are they are portable and affordable and can be transported easily to the beach once you deflate them.

Promotion with inflatable water games

Inflatable water games for promotion

When blow up the extreme beach slide and charge for a little sum of money for your extreme slide on the beach, don’t forget to make good use of the advertising function to get your name seen easily from far away.

Or try your own promotional water games free for players. Add your specific brand name or product information onside. Allow people enjoy a free time on your water slide and remember your product information. After all, cost for one giant blown up inflatable is affordable for years of promotion.

Economic Advertising Great for Small ad Budgets

Small firms or companies could not afford the large ad budget. Thus, TV ad, radio, newspaper or outdoor billboard may be far from their ad budget. And some of them may just get you poor response such as the newspaper or radio as too many similar ads may overflow in viewers’ mind. What can be effective ads and worth the expense which can also be within the budget for the most firms?


Giant inflatable balloons can be one really effective mean for outdoor promotion for the little firms at festival or on holiday.

Critical elements to one successful promotional ad should be OUSTANDING from the general ads.

1. Giant size to make it outstand in the crowds at fair, busy malls, and spacious shopping square.

2. Outlandish shapes in your own product shapes distinct it from the other ads. Crowds will look in awe at one giant blue jean blown up at the front of your jean shop. And easily got that it is a shop with jeans on sale. Those want to buy one jean must come in and take a look to search something they like.

3. Cost for one giant product shaped balloon inflatable and the long term use of it make it outstand from the costly ads popular around which may annoy us for the repeated broadcasting. Think about just about 2,000$ for at least 2 years outdoor promotion. Quite cost-effective one to choose.

Effective Promotion with Advertising Inflatables

No company wants to miss the chance to resort to almost anything to attract people’s attention that may turn out to bring purchase to your products. Not easy to find mobile advertisement on bus, inside cards, car-end posters, billboard, or any out-of-home media, electronic signs, or advertising specialty sending out to the passers-by.

Among so many advertising approaches, one of the best way to attract attention is by making good use of the inflatable advertising.

  1. General advertising overflows in our daily life.

It is true that too many advertising repeating in our daily life may fade in their attraction power. And most of time, you will feel annoyed when the repeated ads disturb you when you are deep in your soap operas. It seems function when people fed up by the ad as it must leave impression on them, while it turns out to be bad impression.

2. Make difference with the fun and pleasant advertising inflatables.

Giant advertising inflatables are totally different scenario from the repeated ads on billboards. They feature in gigantic sizes which can reach to your shop roof. Apart from size, the most outstanding feature of advertising inflatables is their flexibility in the shapes. It is quite convenient to get one product shaped advertising rooftop balloon which can stand at your front door. And what is more important, it is economic to buy one giant rooftop balloon or ad cartoon which can help you promote for years.

Airblown Creepy Halloween

What are you scared of? Spider? Bat? Or any supernatural monster? While it is must to get you surrounded by the scaring monster on one specific day. And nobody enjoys the scaring day. No one would like to miss this chance to have a nice day with the scary fun. Halloween, one special scary and funny festival for all ages. Try to make it one of the most scary one to outstand from the others.

Why not try airblown creepy Halloween?

Airblown creepy Halloween is easy and affordable. Try the airblown Halloween decorations which can range from creepy creature and the creepy supernatural objects

Lot of airblown creepy creature can climb around in your house.

Airblown spiders, Airblown bat, Airblown black cat can be added to make your house full of the mysterious creepy creature. Blow up the inflatable black cat and the giant spider climbing on floor. Hang the bat cartoon around. Your house must be turned into one horror castle full of unidentified mysterious venture for the kids.

Airblown decoration can be added with LED lights. When night falls down, turn on the light and it will glow at night.