Unfavorable News and Safety Inflatable Jumpers

When we always suggest that inflatable jumpers are safe games for children, the media has exposed the unfavorable news on accidence of the inflatable jumpers.

But the safety concern for inflatable jumping games is necessary all the time to reduce the risk of accidence and injuries.
Danger occurs for many reasons. External factors and internal factors may make big influence on the safety of jumper. Weather condition, number of children, quality of the jumper, adult supervision and more, all may lead to vital consequence.
Some safety tips you should bear in mind to take care of players on your inflatable party.

1. First and for most, rent quality inflatable games rather than cheap one. Accidence may cost you more.

2. Secondly, keep adult supervision for kids all the time.

3. Adult guidance for the players. Control maximum number of player. Let kids in similar ages play together at a time.

4. Never blow it up for bad weathers. Check weather forecast for your event plan of the inflatable event.

5. Keep kids away from the place the air blower or anchoring stakes.

6. Look out for emergent situation, such as break of electricity which will cause the rides shrink.

All of us aims to provide the safe and exciting games to children. Ensure their safety, you should learn to deal with the emergencies correctly and promptly.

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